Morso Owl 3410 Stove

Morso Owl 3410 Stove




Are you looking for a lightweight stove for your next backpacking trip? There are a great many Internet web sites that can provide additional information about alcohol stoves. Alcohol Stove Kitchen Set One of my first purchases was the OES Alcohol Stove (the same Brian who makes the MacCat tarp). An Alcohol Stove made from Aluminum Bottles There are plenty of aluminum can stove designs out there. Instructional on how to make alcohol stoves The open jet sideburner is a user friendly stove and is easy to build. Instructional on how to make alcohol stoves The pressurized stove is relatively easy to build, but opperation can be difficult to the beginner. Backpacking is a chance for many people to escape the rigors of daily life and experience the back country. A more modern homemade stove is the soda or Coke can stove. The Homemade Alcohol Stove and The Wonder Box, by LeAnne Wednesday, Apr 2, 2008. I used two soda cans and a small sharp screwdriver. Instructional on how to make alcohol stoves These are some of the templates used in the construction of the stoves. As for boiling 16oz water in 4.5 minutes on .5 alcohol is hard to beat.


No they can not boil as fast as stoves with pressurize fuel tanks. I’ve been experimenting with homemade lightweight alcohol stoves, in particular this design called the Penny Stove. This guide will show you how to construct a small alcohol stove for any number of uses. A beverage-can stove is a homemade, ultra-light portable stove. Wings: the home-made stove archives has plans for a large variety of built-it-yourself alcohol stoves. In the last few days I have been researching how to build a homemade alcohol stove out of pop cans for backpacking. We have acquired many backpacking stoves over our long life, but one of our favorites is our homemade Supercat alcohol stove. Homemade alcohol burning stove Here is my recipe for a backpacking alcohol burning stove that cooks 1/2 litre of water in less that five minutes. A couple years ago, I posted up a little video on YouTube that basically showcased a little alcohol stove I made for backpacking. Pepsi can stove can be the ultimate solution if you need a homemade DIY camp stove. It's easy to make, cheap to use and very environmental. Making a simple wood or alcohol-fueled stove for camping or backpacking requires little more than a couple of empty cans and a pocket knife.


It is described on our Desert Gear Pages. Assembling stove and boiling water (half a liter in 3 minutes). This is not backpacking stove not for hikers. Fill the stove about half full of alcohol. Light the burner by slowly moving a match or lighter over the edge of the burner. The majority of homemade backpacking stoves burn fuel pellets, such as Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets, or denatured alcohol. Website where you can learn how to make your own alcohol stove. Instructional on how to make alcohol stoves Here is a list of fuels NOT TO USE IN ALCOHOL STOVES: 1. Beer, vodka, pretty much any kind of alcoholic drink. Contains instructions for making some alcohol fuel stoves and their accessories. Instructional on how to make alcohol stoves This video clip had to be majorly altered to fit YouTube's 10 minute time limit. Testing a lightweight homemade alcohol sideburner stove designed for camping.


The best feature is that the stove stand is built in, which saves weight. Homemade alcohol backpacking stove . An alcohol fuel backpacking stove for use in the backcountry. Fat Pika 24oz parts Few homemade alcohol stoves can approach this performance! Make your own coke can backpacking stove. Homemade backpacking stoves using coke cans and more. In response to our Home-Brewed Stove Contest (August 2001), readers submitted dozens of designs for alcohol stoves. A beverage-can (or pop-can) stove is a homemade, ultralight portable stove. Homemade Sideburner Hybrid Alcohol Stove. There are numerous homemade alcohol stoves designs. I think that the options I brought here pretty much summarize the best designs.


Homemade alcohol camping stove in action. Assembling stove and boiling water (half a liter in 3 minutes).