Morso Owl 3410 Stove

Morso Owl 3410 Stove




I bought one at an auction for $120 in 1986, then sold it for $250 in 1994. We have a Gaffers and Sattler vintage gas stove model w5494g (ca. 1956?) in great condition. We have a Gaffers and Sattler vintage gas stove model w5494g (ca. 1956? Chambers Idle Hour Saves Gas, O'Keefe Merritt, Western-Holly, Tappan 1953 1956, and Gaffers-Sattler. oldtimestoves: 1 matching item: Welcome to Antique Stoves and Refrigerators Restoration Company. net Updated: 2012-06-24 Download: Wall oven manuals gaffers at Marks Web of Books and Manuals. I specialize in repairing vintage stoves and other antique kitchen appliances in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Vintage Antique Stove Repairs Of Los Angeles. Repairs of Chambers, Gaffers Sattler, O'Keefe Merritt, Tappan Wedgewood, Western Holly and more. Question why wont my oven light?it is a Gaffers and Sattler stove with auto ignition.


Expert: Eric Campion - 11/21/2008. Question why wont my oven light? Gaffers Sattler stove Oven won't turn on, used it once and now it doesn't heat upbut smell gas, where is the pilot? Maytag Stove/Oven/Range Flourescent Light Bulb Part #: 95292 Fluorescent Bulb Need more information on Gaffers Sattler Parts? Browse and order from our online, stove part catalog. Stove Parts.Browse and order from our online, stove part catalog. All Brands! The title on the listings page will be removed in just a few minutes. You found the gaffers and sattler older stove at Shopping. GAFFERS SATTLER/OCCIDENTAL STOVE PARTS Vintage and Antique Send digital pictures of the parts you need and any numbers on the part. Range/Stove Oven Parts - Oven Knobs - Electric Stoves - Oven Knobs - Gas Gaffers Sattler. Buy Gaffers Sattler - in stock and ready to ship now. Original Gaffers Sattler delivered fast and for the best price.


Editor review and professional Gaffers Amp Sattler critics. net Updated: 2012-07-06 Gaffers Sattler 1950's Antique Stove | Vestco Bakery Gaffers Sattler 1950's Antique Stove. old gaffers, pilot flame, oven cavity: Part number is SAFETY Valve and in new your cost is 89.95 or 46.00 in good quality used. Gaffers Sattler or Occidental stove thermostat rebuilding for your vintage range. Tel: 1-888-5-RETRO-5 * Other Antique Appliances * C ustom Porcelain Colors.